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Sandblasted Signs
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Please investigate some of the following examples:

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    Allied Signs can build you a redwood or HDU sign. We fabricate and paint all of our sandblasted signs in shop.  Allied Signs would be happy to submit a design for you! - see a sign under construction!

  • REDWOOD - Nothing has the beauty and graining pattern of pure vertical grain redwood sandblasted to shape. Redwood is a very stable substrate for use on these Signs. These signs project a historic or natural look. Since Redwood is a protected species of tree, the wood makes the cost of these signs a bit higher than HDU. All redwood planks are doweled every 12" and glued with an exterior grade wood glue.

  • HDU (high density urethane) Precision Board panels by Coastal Enterprises at 1-1/2" thick can be custom cut to size and sandblasted on one side. These panels are not as strong as redwood unless structure is designed into them, but are a little less expensive. Their durability to exterior weather, lasting much longer than untreated wood, with no cracking, rotting or peeling. When they are sandblasted, the background texture becomes a unique Faux stone surface type texture.  


  • PAINTING - We use 100% Acrylic exterior grade paints and stains for the longest life possible. These signs will need repainting about every 7 years for any solid colors and any semiclear stains will need repainted every 3 years. (usually the poles are stained)

  • OPTIONS - The wording can be either raised (with the background textured) or can be imbedded into the surface (with a smooth background). Also the lettering can have cutout Brass Aluminum lettering installed onto the surface.  The design can have a combination of any of these styles of letters.

  • INSTALLATIONS - the panels can be installed between Poly columns, brick columns or onto decorated post with finials or routed tops

Allied Signs would be happy to submit a design for you similar to the example below!



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